Freddy Krueger Funko 5 Star Vinyl Figurine


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It’s been over 30 years since Freddy Krueger first terrified audiences in the Nightmare On Elm Street movies, but now he’s returned once again, not in our dreams, but as part of Funko’s adorable new Horror 5 Star 4″ Vinyl Figure Series!

In addition to Funko’s usual attention to detail and characterisation, the 5 Star series boasts several unique features including:

– three points of articulation, allowing the figures to be posed
– window display box packaging that mimics the opening of a book, situating each character in their unique world
– character-specific accessories that further the character’s narrative

This 4″ figure features Freddy Krueger, complete with his iconic outfit and comes with interchangable claw glove and scarred hand access.

A must for any true Horror fan!