Roccat Arvo Compact Gaming Keyboard


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Bigger isn’t always better. More room on your desktop means better use of your space. The compact ROCCAT® Arvo was explicitly designed with this in mind. It’s the first keyboard to offer a gaming mode integrated into the num pad, and unique Thumbster keys. These three extra keys can be assigned macros or the practical timer function, features found on no other keyboard in the world. With all of the power, quality, and precision of ROCCAT’s entire line of keyboards, the Arvo is a space saver, and a game winner.

The Arvo is part of the ROCCAT® Smart Desktop Management System. In contrast to other keyboards, its small desktop footprint ensures neither mousepad nor mouse will get in your way. The Arvo is perfect even for arrow key gamers, who prefer to position their keyboards diagonally to the monitor and mousepad, as it doesn’t collide with the monitor or hang over the edge of the desk. In short, it compliments your need for space, the way you play, and thus your ability to win.

Are all your digits in? Now you can give your thumbs something useful to do instead of just hovering over the spacebar. Our ROCCAT designers and engineers put three individually-programmable THUMBSTER MACRO KEYS right below the Arvo’s spacebar, each easily activated with a quick thumb strike.